Wing Shui Crocs

Race:  Lizardmen
Coach:  Pascal S
A new team emerges from the sewers of New York City armed only with a Chinese food menu. They came to the Blood Bowl arena wanting to take out the best. Food is what brought them here and they will eat the competition ALIVE!!!

Wing Shui Crocs team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Oct. 14th, 2018 - NEW !!!
Recipe for Challenge 5
Nurgle steak and potatoes

Chop up your nurgle in one inch steaks
Season well cause the meat is foul
Cut potatoes in pieces and boil till tender
Mash potatoes with cream cheese and milk
Finish by adding steaks to the barby.
- Pascal S
Oct. 11th, 2018
Recipe for challenge 4
Hair soup

We had trouble finding food this time but our fearless leader Tso found some rakes so we could pick up the hair left on the field by all those beastmen.

We got a big bag of hair and lawn clippings
Add water and simmer on low for a while

Tastes like wet dog but we need the energy for our next match.
- Pascal S
Oct. 1st, 2018
Recipe for round 3 match
Paddy cakes

All you need is poop and your choice of cookie cutter.

Nothing says defeat like eating shit.
- Pascal S
Sep. 15th, 2018
Recipe for Round 2 match
Kicking chicken with elfo candy glaze

Find a chicken that runs like an elf
Take itís head off like i tried to do to those guys

Stuff the chicken with habanero peppers
Plantain, onions, garlic, carrots, celery

Cover it with tin foil
Put it in the oven at 350 till almost cooked
Then remove foil to get skin crispy

Get elfo candy and put it in pan with oil
Add blood, pepper, use the habaneros from the chicken chop some up and add to pan
When it thickens up drizzle it over sliced chicken.
- Pascal S
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Blood Bowl '18
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