Colosseum of Fools

Race:  Sigmarite
Coach:  Lerô
"Aha! Another warrior finds their way to our fair Colosseum. Ours is the final destination for all seeking trials of intense and deadly combat.

All one has to do is place their mark upon their Trial Board of choice and lo! The arena's gate will open.

There's a small fee attached to each trial, but I'm sure as skilled a combatant as yourself will have accrued a wealth of Gold.

Oh and have no doubt, I'm a fearsome warrior myself. Don't go judging me by my size. The Colosseum beckons us both! I'll be back in battle soon...." - Little Fool

Colosseum of Fools team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Sep. 4th, 2018 - old news
Come one, Come all!
Lord Fool was a bug who oversaw the Trials at the Colosseum of Fools. While he appears to be long dead , his corpse still remains seated on the throne in the Colosseum as if observing the Trials.

Little is known about him aside from his appearance, and the fact that he was powerful enough for the warriors of the Colosseum to respect him.

The Little Fool does not seem aware of Lord Fool's demise. The crowd in the arena is either unaware or simply does not care.
- Lerô
Tournaments played:
Mithril 2019, Dungeon 2019
Trophies won:

A true fool keeps on fighting, even when there is no more glory to be gained. Step over to a board and make your mark! Show us how foolish you truly are!

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