Match result

Council of Wanton Savagery (C.O.W.S)

gate: 20 000
2 TD score 2
cas score
Goblin logo
no custom badge
Erin go Braggghhhh!!!


Muffin Hanwoo
Betsy Holstein
TD Scorers
Bram Stoker
Daniel Craig (honor)

mercenary / star
mercenary / star
mercenary / star
Badly Hurt'ers
fans / random event

Cookie Gascon
Moolissa Charbray
mercenary / star
Serious Injurers
Completions By
Bram Stoker
Interceptions By

Muffin Hanwoo
MVP awards to
Bram Stoker
  Sustained Injuries  
Miss Next Game
Conor McGregor
-1 AV
Gerry Kelly
Oscar Wilde
Result added January 12th, 2018

Match notes
Daniel Craig dodged into 4 tackle zones, threw a 3 dice Cows choice block and triple POW'd that Cow!

COWS #5 - regular skill took BLOCK
COWS #11 - regular skill took BLOCK

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