Welcome to the Medicine Hat Bloodbowl league. (MHBBL)

We are currently playing with 'Blood bowl living rule book 6.0' as of September 1 , 2016. (Hardcopies of 6.0 rule book are available from Todd)

We are a Medicine Hat based Blood Bowl League. We have been a league since 2005.

We currently run a Schedule/Challenge format. This allows for FREEDOM and STRUCTURE depending on the coaches personal schedule or desires for their team. Each coach is scheduled 6 games over a 12 week period and is given 2 weeks to play each match. As well, each coach is entitled to initiate 6 challenge matches against any coach in the league. This makes for a 'game a week' environment or less if the coach decides that for his team.

Coaches are encouraged to play all of their matches and challenges each season but are not strictly required to do so. However entry into the season-end tournaments are restricted to those coaches who play a minimum of 3 different coaches or 4 different matches over the course of a season.

A season consists of playing for a single bloodbowl trophy (cup). Each 'blood bowl' year consists of 4 seasons over 15 months. Each season is for a different trophy of course and runs for 3 months of play followed by 1 month of recovery. We tend to take off April, August and December.

If the number of coaches warrants it, we will explore divisions.

The format for the final tournament is this season (and likely all seasons moving forward) is a 3 game concession style tourney, which is explained in much greater detail in the "Info for Coaches" tab on the left.

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May 1st, 2018 - old news
Schedule is posted!

I've done away with the match linking the match report. Lots of work for a feature I'm pretty sure no one is really using....

I'm so ready to get started....
- Lerô
Apr. 18th, 2018 - old news
Important Dates for Next Season
Monday May 7th - Chaos Cup 2018 begins.

Round 1: May 7th - May 20th
Round 2: May 21st - June 3rd
Round 3: June 4th - June 17th
Round 4: June 18th - July 1st
Round 5: July 2nd - July 15th
Round 6: July 16th - July 29th

Quarter-finals: July 30th - Aug. 10th

Finals: Aug. 11th
- Lerô
Dec. 22nd, 2017 - old news
Schedule is posted!
Check it out, make plans.

As usual, I will be playing the evening before. (New Years, if anyone is into it.)
- Lerô
Dec. 4th, 2017 - old news
Spike is out, Dungeon is in!
Hey all,

Thanks to all in attendance at the finals, a good time was had by all. Now to proceed with the set up of next season...

Dungeon 18 is open for entry and here are the dates of the weeks and finals:

Round 1: Jan 1st - Jan 14th
Round 2: Jan 15th - Jan 28th
Round 3: Jan 29th - Feb 11th
Round 4: Feb 12th - Feb 25th
Round 5: Feb 26th - Mar 11th
Round 6: Ma 12th - Mar 25th

Quarter-finals: March 26th - April 6th

Finals: April 7th

Book off the time today!

I have keyed our new Inducement into the house rules (Bad Habits) and added the new Glittering prizes to the 'mantle'. I will make a separate entry under League rules for people to peruse more easily.
- Lerô
Nov. 27th, 2017 - old news
Quarter-final Pairings are in!
I think by now everyone has figured out who is playing who based on the discussion in the forums, but to make things official:

Cory vs. Doug
Tiny vs. Dave
Neil vs. Eric
Todd vs. Tyler

Matches are entered, you have until Saturday until 10:00 am to square away the match.

Good Fortune to you all except Todd, who should lose handily to the Halflings. I will post more in the forums.
- Lerô

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