Welcome to the Medicine Hat Bloodbowl league. (MHBBL)

We are currently playing with 'Blood bowl living rule book 6.0' as of September 1 , 2016. (Hardcopies of 6.0 rule book are available from Todd)

We are a Medicine Hat based Blood Bowl League. We have been a league since 2005.

We currently run a Schedule/Challenge format. This allows for FREEDOM and STRUCTURE depending on the coaches personal schedule or desires for their team. Each coach is scheduled 6 games over a 12 week period and is given 2 weeks to play each match. As well, each coach is entitled to initiate 6 challenge matches against any coach in the league. This makes for a 'game a week' environment or less if the coach decides that for his team.

Coaches are encouraged to play all of their matches and challenges each season but are not strictly required to do so. However entry into the season-end tournaments are restricted to those coaches who play a minimum of 3 different coaches or 4 different matches over the course of a season.

A season consists of playing for a single bloodbowl trophy (cup). Each 'blood bowl' year consists of 4 seasons over 15 months. Each season is for a different trophy of course and runs for 3 months of play followed by 1 month of recovery. We tend to take off April, August and December.

If the number of coaches warrants it, we will explore divisions.

The format for the final tournament is this season (and likely all seasons moving forward) is a 3 game concession style tourney, which is explained in much greater detail in the "Info for Coaches" tab on the left.

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Dec. 24th, 2018
Schedule is posted!
Mithril 19 is up. I am waiting to hear back from Doug about his team, so for now, he is listed as DOUG on the skedge. I have also pre-keyed all the matches for the season with the exception of any match Doug's team will be involved in.

Byes are as follows:

Round 1 - Doug
Round 2 - Tiny
Round 3 - Pascal
Round 4 - Tyler
Round 5 - Neil
Round 6 - Dave

Todd, Cory and Layne do not have byes. Remember that those that do can play an extra challenge that week to make up for the lost game.

Good Luck everyone, and have a wonderful holiday.
- Lerô
Nov. 25th, 2018 - old news
Important dates for next season!
Just wanted to let everyone know when next season starts and also to give everyone ample time to book off the end of season tournament.

Mithril 2019 begins Dec. 31st.

Round 1 - Dec. 31st - Jan. 13th
Round 2 - Jan. 14th - Jan. 27th
Round 3 - Jan. 28th - Feb. 10th
Round 4 - Feb. 11th - Feb. 24th
Round 5 - Feb. 25th - Mar. 10th
Round 6 - Mar. 11th - Mar. 24th

QF's - Mar. 25th thru April 5th

Final Tourney - Apr. 6th

Book the time off today!
- Lerô
Nov. 23rd, 2018 - old news
Semi's Pairings
Ok, QF's are concluded and here's where we stand now:

A Bracket:

Todd - 84
Tiny - 51
Cory - 51
Tyler - 43

B Bracket:

Layne - 41
Dave - 4
Pascal - 0
Neil - 0

Becase we have a tie score in the top tier and no ruling in place at the time of this writing to determine the pairings, I have decided that season standings will break the tie.

This means the Semi's match ups are:

Todd v Tiny
Cory v Tyler

Layne v Dave
Neil v Pascal

Good Luck everyone, See you tomorrow.
- Lerô
Nov. 12th, 2018 - old news
QF Pairings
So, with Doug out of the running, Here's where we stand:

Tiny gets a bye for 1st.

Cory plays Pascal
Todd plays Dave
Tyler plays Layne

When we play the Semi's, It's my hope that Neil will fill a place in the B bracket and bring us back up to 8 coaches. I'm still waiting to hear back from him on that though.

You have until the 23rd to play your QF match, and as always, feel free to play other games in between, but the pairings are firm and will not change based on further movement within the standings.
- Lerô
Aug. 28th, 2018 - old news
Schedule is posted! + News
Yay, skedge is done! One thing you may notice is that this season, i've only listed 5 round. This is an effort to wrap up the season before December. I hope this accomplishes my goals of making the finals more attend able and giving everyone the time with their families during times of stress and joy.

Everyone can still play 12 matches if you like, just take an extra challenge if you have the time/inclination.

Looking forward to this Clash of Titans. Eric will not be joining us this season, Neil is on the mend and welcome back the Prodigal son, The Doubler, fielding this seasons only-est Undead Squad. Methinks that Regen is going to come in handy....
- Lerô

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